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Sticking with the latest wedding trends of the year! Right now in 2013 it’s all about crystals on the table, gold silverware & chargers, candles and chandeliers and Neutral colors. Metallic colors have made a huge comeback this year. They add a neutral eye-catching pop of color to any wedding decor. This year brides and grooms are sticking with neutral colors. It brings more of a soft romantic color pallette of embracing warm hues of browns and lattes. The flower of the year is the soft, lush Pheony. Since they only bloom 2 months out of the year, the Garden Rose makes a great replacement. Decorating with garlands with ribbon, garlands with paper and garlands hung from chandeliers has also become a popular trend in wedding decor. Many are also taking on the trend of DIY and going green when planning their wedding.


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