Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

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ADT Pulse is changing both home automation and green living. Now you can adapt your home security alarm to modify your home’s thermostat, lighting and appliances. It’s never been easier to manage your energy usage while ensuring your home is completely secure. Being able to remotely control the temperature prevents your heating and A/C bill from skyrocketing. Just modifying the temperature by a few degrees will greatly reduce energy cost; the same is true for your appliances and lighting.

How many of us accidentally forget to turn off a curling iron ore a light when we leave the house? In a state of panic, we are sometimes forced to double back to turn it off. The alternative could be a house fire or other unpleasant scenario. ADT Pulse puts a stop to accidental energy usage—and it doesn’t matter if you are at home or away. Using Z-Wave technology, you are able to communicate with your home via an Internet-enabled mobile device. So if you have Wi-Fi access, your home is literally in your hands. Fact: $5.00 on your energy bill. Also, accidentally falling asleep to the TV is the number one energy-waster. Right now, the average energy bill is a whopping $107.28; it goes to say that practical energy savings will go a long ways. It’s time to stop cringing in fear of your energy bill statement. ADT Pulse is the practical, mobile way to secure your home and be eco-friendly. It’s exactly the right feature to keep up with today’s modern times and mobile, on-the-go needs.



This infographic on how to save energy in your home is brought to you by ADT Pulse

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