You have spent a lot of time and effort in creating a beautiful infographic but now what? You need to get this infographic out to the public and there is only one way to do this – through of course!

What Do You Get For $40?

For only $40 you get the fastest and easiest way to spread your infographic around the internet. Pay securely using either PayPal or your credit card through PayPal.

You will get three links back to your site – one through the infographic image, and two within a body of text of 250 words where you get to specific which anchor text you want.

Did we mention that you get unlimited subscriptions and that all infographics will be posted within 48 hours. Not only do you get valuable links back to your website, but we also share the infographic across our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest.

A new feature coming soon will also allow visitors to quickly and easily embed your infographic onto their website giving you a link back as well!

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