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Health & Safety is intended to protect us and our loved ones from the dangers of day to day life. Keep us safe and strong, but more and more we see health and safety regulations being interpreted all too literally, and causing issues because of these foolish word of the law interpretations.

Ignorance is not the only cause of issues related to health and safety though, but also fear of litigation. In the UK especially a culture of litigation is making public companies and organizations increasingly weary of any kind of legal responsibility. This attitude has lead us to ridiculous cases such as people not being able to even sit on a park bench under a tree for fear of falling branches.

The more ridiculous health and safety regulations can simply be ignored and remain harmless either. One of the biggest issues with nonsensical regulations and laws is that they cause people to stop trusting that the law inherently has their best interest at heart, which leads to a disrespect for more important laws, that we cannot simply ignore.


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