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Are you nervous about getting a haircut because you don’t want to risk destroying your hair? Want a new hairstyle but don’t want to get an out of date look? When it comes to looking good there shouldn’t be any “maybes” involved. You want a hairstyle that you know you’ll look good in. This is why the hair experts at LUXHAIR™ in collaboration with Consorte Marketing have created this easy-to-follow infographic that will illustrate how to best utilize the shape of your face to emphasize your natural beauty. Follow this hairstyle infographic by first determining your face shape. After you find your face shape, three sample hairstyles are listed next to it. The Luxhair Luxettes have hand chosen one style from each of their NOW™, HOW™, and WOW™ collections that will take advantage of a person’s natural features for the best possible results.Three famous celebrities Sherri Shepherd, Tabatha Coffey, and Daisy Fuentes designed these wig lines to fit the needs of all different women. These hairstyle experts bring you the latest and most trendy hairstyles of 2013. Don’t hold back your full potential, this hair guide can help you choose the right style. Use the expert advice from Sherri Shepherd, Tabatha Coffey, and Daisy Fuentes so you will always know how to look great. Whether you are looking for a long hairstyle, a short hairstyle, or maybe something in between, Luxhair has a style that is perfect just for you. A look that is customized to your particular facial features.

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