Blood Alcohol Content Effect At Different Levels

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The Dangerous Impacts of Alcohol Visualized

You may be drunker than you think with your blood alcohol content being higher than you realize. It doesn’t take many drinks to impair your abilities and risk your health. Here we illustrate the various impacts of a 170 lbs. man consuming one drink every twenty minutes. To approximate for a woman, add one drink to her actual consumption (e.g. 5 female drinks consumed = 6 on the chart below).
Please do not drink and drive. Drinking and Driving is a very dangerous act as well as being illegal.
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  1. 3-9-2013

    I’m preparing a course to teach secondary students in new zealand the dangers associated with drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Would it be possible to obtain a print copy of the Blood Alcohol Content Infographic?



    • 3-15-2013

      Hi Mark

      Unfortunately I can’t help you there. However, the image should be large enough to get a semi decent size print out of.

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