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How you gamble reveals a lot about your personality, and gambling site Europalace have revealed the classic gambling personality types, to help you find out your own:


  • Socialites: These are social gamblers, and they might be drawn by large jackpots and could be conservative with their funds.
  • Show Offs: These types of gamblers often appear as high rollers but don’t take anything seriously and throw away their chips with little discretion.
  • Hustlers: They have a system and stick to it.
  • Escapists: These gamblers are less motivated and tend to drift easily from the game.
  • High Rollers: These are wealthy gamblers that are motivated for a good payout and will not necessarily throw away their chips, but don’t mind a challenge.

So which personality type are you? Are you a hustler or a high roller? Check out the infographic to find out for yourself.

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