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How much will you lover spend on you this Valentine’s day? $10, $20?

Well if you’re after an extravagant Valentine’s day, you’re better off dating a man in the US! On average, US men spend a whopping $106 on their Valentine compared to the $66 their UK counterparts spend! Champagne anyone? But don’t be fooled by the nice gestures- while some men buy gifts to express their appreciation and want to show you how sensitive they are, other men have something else on their mind! Some men they think they’ll get lucky and that giving their partners gifts will allow them to rack up the old brownie points and earn them forgiveness!

Tips for a successful Valentine’s day:

Put down those petrol station flowers, tacky jewellery and cheesy cuddly bear and don’t be afraid to splash out this Valentine’s Day! Don’t expect too much back though, on average, whether in the US and UK, women spend half as much on their partners on Valentine’s day, February 14th is all about her. Basically, don’t believe your partner when they say they don’t care about Valentine’s day! Just become the most selfless man out there and you’ll blow socks off!


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