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Presenting 5 Fascinating Historic Facts About Edinburgh City


In the Scottish Lowlands or Lothians is located Edinburgh City. The region has historic sites like the castle and the university that is still a successful institution of higher learning today. Edinburgh is modern and thriving while treasuring its past history. The infographic below from Edinburgh based Infaweb offers 5 reasons why Edinburgh is a fascinating city to live and work in.

Robert the Bruce’s Son Rebuilds the Castle

In the 1350s, David II ordered the rebuilding of Edinburgh’s castle in its place on the hill of an extinct volcano. David II was the son of Robert the Bruce, one of the most famous kings and heroes of Scottish history.

The London Coach

A “Journey Coach” began direct trips to London from Edinburgh in the early 1650s. A one-way trip in this conveyance took about 14 days.

Prestigious Golf Club Traditions

In the 1740s, the first golf club on the globe got its start. The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers organized and set up rules with the encouragement of the town council that awarded a silver club during a yearly competition on March 7 of 1744.

Bobby the Famous Skye Terrier

A statue of this dog near the George IV Bridge remembers his love and loyalty. Everyday for 14 years during the mid-1800s, Bobby stayed on or near his master’s grave site in Greyfriar’s kirkyard.

Famed Graduate of Edinburgh University

The well-known winner of the 400 metre gold medal in Paris at the 1924 Olympics was Eric Liddell. He was one of many famous and successful graduates from Edinburgh University, founded in 1582.


Besides the natural scenic landscape and the contemporary industries and education in the city today, these five facts and more add to the rich Scottish heritage of Edinburgh. The city has much history and culture to explore along with events and celebrations during the year, attended by residents and visitors from all over the globe.


A visit to the city may be long overdue!

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